Civil Law


All individuals have rights that protect them.

Every individual before being a professional, a trader, an employer, an official, a businessman or a self-employed person is subject of rights and obligations in the eyes of the law and member of a community called society. Civil law was created as an answer to the acts and events performed by individuals within society, since its aim is to project and create a living environment that enables them to fulfill as persons, improve and reproduce in order to perpetuate. Thus, almost every important act of life finds a legal regulation within the private legal practice, from protecting unborn children and all their rights to death consequences in the form of succession and inheritance.

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Are you having problems? Do not know who to ask?

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Issues we address in Civil Law:

Declaratory judgments

Oral and ordinary declaratory judgments, and order for payment procedures.


Conflict of laws on parental responsibility, on custody and visitation rights, on acknowledging judicial decisions in family matters, on direct registry recognition, on direct enforcement of visitation rights.

Termination of contracts

Claims for amounts due.

Enforcing legal proceedings

National and foreign judgements and arbitral awards.

Contractual and non-contractual liability

Contractual and non-contractual liability (fault or neglect)

Legal defense before judicial decisions of the Registry Office

Property protective actions

Actions for partition

Proceedings against insurance companies

Processing of complaints and claims of compensation to insurance companies.

Civil procedural law

Areas of Civil Law

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