TAX AND LABOR LAW: Tax management, Tax advisory and management for businesses, Tax advisory and management for self-employed individuals, Labor, Property.

CRIMINAL LAW: Crimes against public health, Crimes against property, Counterfeiting, Traffic accidents, Crimes against persons.

FAMILY LAW: Legal separations, Divorces, Custody, Pension claims, Enforcement of divorce judgement, Liquidation of a marriage settlement, De facto relationships legislation, Contesting paternity, Claim for paternity, Inheritances, National and foreign marriage proceedings, Guardianship, Revision of judicial decisions.

IMMIGRATION LAW: NIE (Foreign identity number), Residence card, De facto relationships, Marriage, Foreign judicial decisions, Residence, EU citizens, Non-EU citizens, Spanish nationality, Resources, Sanction procedures, Other proceedings.

NEGLIGENCE: Physicians, Lawyers, Architects.

BANKING LAW: Foreclosure proceedings, Cancelation of auction, Nullity of mortgage clauses, Floor clauses, Interest on arrears, Swap, Claims for mortgage formalization costs, Claims for excessive commission charges, Claims before the Bank of Spain, IRPH Index.

MARITIME LAW: Ship registration, Claims related to freight transport, shortage, damages or delays, Claims arising from passengers by sea: delays, damages or luggage losses.

MEDIATION: Family mediation, Civil mediation, Business mediation.

CIVIL LAW: Declaratory judgments, Lawsuits, Termination of contracts, Claims for amounts due, Enforcing legal proceedings, National and foreign judgements and arbitral awards, Contractual and non-contractual liability, Legal defense before judicial decisions of the Registry Office, Property protective actions, Actions for partition.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS AND CLAIMS FOR DAMAGES: Legal counsel in traffic accidents, Compensations for damages in traffic accidents, Defense in blood alcohol level and other crimes against road safety, Other accidents.

PROPERTY LAW: Contract advisory services, Construction of residential developments, Urban and condominium leasing, Oral Procedures, Construction defects, Advisory services and legal guidance in real estate legal proceedings and commercial processes.



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