Delgado Garrucho Abogados provides professional legal services in all areas of Spanish and international law. Anyone who asks for help can be sure that he or she will get it. Our law firm has all the necessary legal tools to solve any legal problem.

  • Starting and maintaining business in Spain – Registration of legal entities, Commercial agreements, Bankruptcy, Taxation and accounting advice, tax disputes, debt collection.
  • Inheritance and will registration.
  • Digital certificate (certificado digital and Cl@ve).
  • Spanish citizenship, work permit and residence permit in Spain, assistance for visa applications.
  • Full legal support for the purchase and sale of Real Estate in Spain (including – services of a notary and a translator), legal analysis of documents, advice on Real Estate, assistance for obtaining a foreigner’s identification number, opening a bank account, filling documents for mortgage loans, international transfer of funds.
  • Obtaining special permits and licenses in Spain.
  • Advice on Spanish law and taxation.
  • Marriage registration and divorce processes.
  • Registration of water and land vehicles.
  • Assistance of a lawyer in a traffic accident – Compensation for injuries and damages in traffic accidents.
  • Tax declarations.

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Consultation in English: +34 656688967 +34 952585449 (ask for Lorena).