The most popular service given by lawyers to people from other countries is the assistance with the residence permit and the Spanish nationality. A lot of information can be found in Internet and other sources of information: the different types of residence, the requirements to obtain the residence, the documents needed for each case. But it is worth mentioning that apart from the instructions given by the law, there are many rules and regulations applied in each case.


Delgado Garrucho Abogados is specialized in the following types of residence permits in Spain:


A non-lucrative residence permit without permission to work: a sufficient accreditation of funds (from 20.000 to 25.000 euros per each petitioner, plus 50% per each family member) is needed.


A residence permit including a right to work in case the petitioner has a contract or a preliminary contract, or if the petitioner´s profession is included in the list of the State Employment Office depending on the demand (sports coach, ship technicians, etc.).


A residence permit for foreign investors: investments in financial assets starting from one million euros, investments in real property starting from 500.000 euros, job creation, important contributions to the development of scientific and technological developments.


A residence permit for business immigrants: a sufficient proof of financial investment is needed.


A residence permit for Social integration: the petitioner must demonstrate his/her continuous residence in Spain for a certain period of time and his/her social integration.


A residence permit for students: the right to reside in Spain for more than 90 days in order to study.

Residence authorization for family reunification: family members of people from other countries residing in Spain.


Modifications of Residence permits – Residence permit for students – Non-lucrative residence permit without permission to work – UE family members


Delgado Garrucho Abogados also gives assistance with the acquisition of Spanish nationality.